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Android users are currently spread across six version of the operating system, each with different design approaches and different behaviours.

In addition, there are more than 18,000 devices of varying display sizes and resolutions capable of running Android.

With such vast fragmentation, the challenge is on Android app developers to support as many potential users as possible, and attempt to deliver a unified experience between them.

18,796Distinct Android devices seen in 2014
August 2014,
11,868Distinct Android devices seen in 2013
August 2014,
43%Samsung’s share of Android devices
August 2014,



Fragmentation has clear advantages for both Android app developers and consumers.

With so many different devices available, consumers have a range of options to suit criteria like technological requirements and budget constraints.

This means Android has a much larger global reach than iOS, and allows Android app developers to reach out to a much wider audience. This provides opportunities to form a larger user base and generate more revenue.


The fact that Android users are so vastly distributed across different devices and versions of its operating system has its obvious disadvantages for Android app developers.

Devices vary in many aspects such as screen resolution and performance. Developing an app that works and provides a unified experience between them can be an extremely complicated and time-consuming process for Android app developers.