Founded in 2011, Spudd Mobile started as the collaboration of Adam Foster (a user interface designer and lover of clean, classy design), and myself, Ben Jones (a digital consultant with a passion for mobile app development and all things tech).

Prior to Spudd Mobile, myself and Adam worked together for a digital media production setup with a focus on videography.

Based initially in Berlin, we attended Grand Live and European Poker Tour (EPT) events across Europe as part of a small team providing the events’ official videography and photography coverage.

As we gained experience in the digital field, we quickly identified mobile app development as the growth space to be in, so we decided to branch out on our own and form Spudd Mobile. Naturally, the best place for us to do so was back home in the UK.

Having gained many friends and contacts in the mobile world through our previous digital ties, we were able to form a small and dependable design and development team. After 5 years, that team hasn’t really changed since!

We now have a set up in place that fills clients with complete confidence. It is a setup that works because of the strength of our teams’ organisation skills and incredible work ethic. This has been noted by our clients as what separates us from the pack. You can see some examples of this below in the Testimonials section.

We have now completed projects for the likes of Tesco, Medtronic, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Publicis Groupe, and many more.

Unlike many companies in the UK and US, we have little in the way of overheads. This means we can afford to charge much less than our competitors. We believe this gives us an edge.

We are a very small and intimate set-up, so we don’t have to pay out for large offices and the like. Since mid-2015 we actually don’t run from an office at all! For that we owe our friends at 37Signals a great deal! In late 2013 they published a book which completely changed our thoughts on the ideal work balance. Put simply, we were spending money needlessly and were having to charge higher prices to our clients to do so. It made very little sense.

Our change in approach means we can offer the same high quality of service, but at a cheaper price to you, the customer. Everybody wins.

It goes without saying that many companies could use an app and/or website to help their business. For many though, price has always been a huge factor in why they can’t get one built.

Many companies in the UK and US charge over £100 p/h for development. Some upwards of £150 p/h! When you multiply that by the time a mobile app or website typically costs to design and build, the price can very quickly become out of reach.

At £45 p/h*, we charge less than half of that price, and we don’t substitute any quality in order to do so. Just ask our clients!



    I have to give Spudd Mobile top ratings for everything. Not only was the mobile app development perfect and pain free, but the account management and customer service was also top notch.



    It has been an absolutely first class experience working with Spudd Mobile. We got an incredibly knowledgeable team, great creative input, strict adherence to deadlines, honest and helpful feedback, and nearly immediate responses to any inquiries we had.



    Not only did Spudd Mobile get the job done, they went out of their way to deliver the work early and included much appreciated extra features. I highly recommend Spudd Mobile for mobile app development and would definitely work with them again.



    Hiring Spudd Mobile has proven to be a great decision for us. They are trustworthy, patient, personable, professional, and consistently provide us with thought-provoking feedback. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone looking into mobile app development.



    Spudd Mobile exceeded every one of my expectations by far. Finding a true service partner to take our idea to reality was a major concern, so teaming up with Spudd Mobile was a blessing. I was most pleased with their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.